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     It’s no secret that I come from a very musical family. But at the age of 3, my brother introduced me to drums. I was fascinated by the cymbals and how drums worked. As I began to play and get better, that fascination turned into passion. I practiced and practiced and in high school, I joined the marching band. Started on anchor bass drum and moved to snare and, inevitably, became Snare Drum Captain. So much of my speed and hands was developed in high school. After I graduated, I was blessed with a scholarship and moved to California to attend Musicians Institute in Hollywood where I studied drums and recording engineering. Since then, I have toured domestically and internationally, been featured at dozens of clinics, and have had many television performances. In 2019, I was able to score my first movie. I am grateful for the many opportunities my gift has afforded me and now I enjoy teaching and passing on the wealth of knowledge I possess.

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